Tuesday, July 23, 2013

No wine before its time

Not Orson Welles promoting Paul Masson, but a New York City wine storage facility denying its customers access to their property, while charging them storage fees;
More than 27,000 cases of fine wine worth tens of millions of dollars have been locked inside WineCare Storage, located in the Chelsea neighborhood [of NYC], since Hurricane Sandy swept through the Northeast and flooded the facility in late October.
Derek Limbocker, the owner of the warehouse - which is one of the largest wine care facilities in the country - claims 95 percent of the wines were undamaged in the storm.
But he won't let anyone inside his facility to assess the damage, and he won't allow any of the wines to leave - even though customers are still being billed for the storage of their collections. Before the storm, WineCare used to offer its customers same-day delivery service for even a single bottle of wine.
A whole host of wealthy wine enthusiasts have filed suit against Limbocker to access their collections, but their high-priced lawyers have had little success.By filing for bankruptcy, Limbocker has managed to sidestep every legal maneuver thrown at him - even a court-ordered injunction to allow one customer to view his 198 cases of wine, the New York Times reported.
The rich aren't so different after all, they can have their rights abrogated by the courts too.

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