Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hay un pequeño hotel

But they forgot the wishing well, and now the people are stuck with paying for politicians' grand ideas;
Monasterio de la Sierra, in Burgos province, is the most-indebted community per capita in Spain. Its 48 inhabitants would each have to put up 8,520 euros to cancel out the debt accumulated during the mandate of their former mayor, Jesús María Esteban, of the Popular Party.
Esteban set in motion a project to attract visitors to Monasterio de la Sierra: the construction of a small hotel that would overlook a proposed reservoir in nearby Castrovido.
But the reservoir, which was to be created by damming the Arlanza river, was never completed, with funds drying up at the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008. Nevertheless, it was decided to go ahead with the hotel. The problem was that without a reservoir to attract visitors, there was no way that the local council could cover the 400,000-euro construction cost.
In second place for per capita indebtedness;
 ...at 8,344 euros for each inhabitant: Aguilar de Segarra, which is located close to Barcelona....The village, which has a population of 250, decided to invest 1.9 million euros in its own solar-energy plant in 2006. The community only employed a secretary and an administration officer, both of whom worked part time. Aguilar de Segarra says it is managing to keep costs to a minimum, avoiding further debt, and that when the solar-energy plant is paid for, it will generate sufficient resources to press ahead with a plan to create a sustainable tourism sector in the community. 
Seguro, seguro. Keep hope alive.

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