Thursday, September 6, 2012

Symphony in Give Me a G (three movements)

Even noticed beyond the sea;

So in removing the phrase "God-given" from their promise to help people "make the most of their potential", the Democrats were flying in the face of the founding fathers' explicit principle [in the Declaration of Independence]. Which, as it happens is the basis for the doctrine of American exceptionalism: its moral mission in the world being to deliver those God-given universal rights to all people. So, is that what this was about? Was the Democratic National Committee intending to make precisely the point that the US is now opting out of that role?
But back to the Convention shambles: restoring the more conventional wording to the platform required a two thirds vote from the convention floor. This is generally done by voice alone: the loudest shout wins it. The Chair took three attempts to get what he then decided rather arbitrarily was a vote in favour of restoring the references. (A process not unlike referendums on EU treaties: you keep them voting until they get it right.) The vote against was vociferously led by some very aggressive members of a group called "Arab Americans" whose chief interest was the de-recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
The White House team may have have won the battle in the end, but not before some serious damage had been done – and and some very serious questions raised about political tendencies within the present Democratic party.
Next, motherhood and apple pie?

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