Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So's your old boss

Berkeley economist and former Deputy Asst. Treasury Sec'y Brad DeLong thinks it noteworthy that Paul Ryan is allowed, under Wisconsin law, to run both for re-election to congress and for VP as Mitt Romney's running mate;
....This is doubt, fear, and panic overwhelming rationality…
A precedent set by Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1960, when he had Texas law changed to allow him to run simultaneously for re-election to the Senate and for Vice-President alongside John F. Kennedy.

Which law was taken advantage of by Senator Lloyd Bentsen in 1988 who was on the Texas ballot for both his Senate seat and as Michael Dukakis's running mate.

Which would seem to be something the Prof. would know, since later when Bentsen served as Bill Clinton's first Treasury Sec'y in 1993, DeLong was right there with him.

Update; Prof. DeLong revises and extends his remarks;
[AFAIK, he did not spend any money on ads for his congressional race. That is the interesting thing here...]

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