Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Can Rahmbo Read

Or, maybe more importantly, can the striking school teachers in Chicago read their hometown newspaper's editorials that there are other ways  to do things;

Here in Illinois, as we said, a voucher bill to free 30,000 Chicago public school students has been bottled up in the Legislature for more than two years.
Those are two years during which 30,000 students have been relegated to often low-performing schools.
Two years those kids can't get back.
Two years during which many of their parents desperately sought an alternative only to find ... that Illinois lawmakers beholden to their political allies and campaign donors in organized labor refuse to provide one.
For how many more years will Illinois legislators cheat these students — and tens of thousands like them who now are warehoused in other dead-end schools?
For how many more years will Illinois voters keep re-electing lawmakers who willfully deny these children a fair opportunity to reach for more successful lives?
How many more studies, how many more triumphs for voucher students elsewhere, until Illinois lawmakers are convinced — or shamed — into giving these kids a chance at a decent education?
Something to think about as teachers prepare to walk off the job.

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