Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Encontrar una necesidad y llenarla

The Spanish are getting in touch with their inner Henry J Kaiser, and accepting that la necesidad es la madre de la innovación;

[Juan José] Güemes [of IE Business School's International Entrepreneur Management Center] says that the underlying message that the business school teaches tomorrow's entrepreneurs is that they must constantly innovate.
"The first thing that we do is ask them to identify what they see as the major problems around them that are still not properly being addressed, or needs that are not being satisfied. The bigger the problem or the need, the bigger the business opportunity," Güemes argues. "And having identified the problem, you build a solution, a value proposition that really adds something, that resolves the problem. That can create a business opportunity, which we then have to evaluate on the basis that we fully understand the market; who it is we are addressing, with names and addresses; who we are really going to sell this to, to make sure that these people have an unsatisfied need, or one that isn't being properly met by the market at that moment; and where you can really make a proposal based on a superior product. If you can do that, you're ready to set up a business."
Which is how jobs are created...even in Europe.

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