Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Homage to Sally Martin

Catalonia will rise again, says Columbia economist Xavier Sal i Martin;
The supposed studies that "precisely" estimate that the Catalan GDP will fall 10, 30, or 60% are all a monumental farce. None of these studies have any credibility, because without knowing how the process will go, if there will be boycotts, and in what conditions we will remain part of Europe, where will the Catalan portion of what we have depositited in the IMF or ECB go, etc, it's impossible to know what will be the costs and benefits. It's true that we have cava and they can boycott it. But they have Rioja and we could return the favor. Threatening us with kicking us out of the Euro or the EU when there is no corresponding law is a completely empty threat. And when Spain says that its partners and friends will kick us out of Europe, they're bluffing. Spain has neither the friends nor the international support that it presumes of. And if you don't believe it, remember when Argentina expropriated Repsol, violating all manner of international laws, and Europe didn't lift a finger to defend Spain, and Rajoy's government was left on its own.
And those who say that we must take on a share of Spain's debt should remember that that debt was signed by the Spanish government and that's who has to repay it. It's definitely true that if we are part of Spain, that we are partly responsible for the Spanish government's debt. But if we are not, then well, we'll see. If they want to send us a bill for 16% of the total, corresponding to Catalonia's relative population, they can call the Catalan Embassy, and if the divorce is friendly, we'll discuss it. We'll talk about the debt, and the proportion of money that the Bank of Spain has deposited in the ECB and the gold that Spain has in the International Monetary Fund, and about AENA and other Spanish public companies, and the Zarzuela racetrack and whatever else we need to talk about. And if it's not friendly, and they talk about boycotts, threats and our expulsion from Europe, then, well, they can take their debt and shove it because the only one responsible for the debt is the Government of Spain.
In short, after the demonstration on September 11, a political and media battle began that will try to make us afraid. They will tell lies and exaggerate. And they will insult us and belittle us. Now, the more virulent the campaign, the less intelligent and more testosterone-filled are the arguments, the more they insult us and denigrate us, the more their desperation will be evident.
We must react to their insults and fear mongering with serenity, generosity, and steadfastness.
Save your Catalunyan money, boys.

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