Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maintenant ils nous disent

The election (in France) is over, bring on the facts;

PARIS — After a swell of euphoria over President François Hollande's electoral victory in May and a blissful timeout for summer vacation, France is coming to grips with the harsh reality of high unemployment, tax increases and budget cuts imposed by a flat-lining economy and Europe's perilous debt crisis.
The realization that tough times lie ahead was slow in coming, in part because, during the campaign, Hollande decried austerity measures outlined by former President Nicolas Sarkozy and suggested that renewing economic growth was the best recipe for paring down the debt.
....But once installed as president, Hollande settled for a side agreement bundling several previously funded EU growth programs with limited impact on the slumping economies of the union's 27 member nations. Now it is Hollande's finance minister, Pierre Moscovici, who is insisting the treaty must be ratified as is and pledging that austerity policies will bring France's debt level from 4.5 percent to 3 percent during the next year. 
la démocratie est la philosophie politique que les gens savent ce qu'ils veulent et méritent de l'obtenir ... bon et dur 

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