Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pyrrhic, Pyrrhiccer, Pyrrhiccest

The latter being the Apple over Samsung patent infringement lawsuit, according to John Dvorak (wonderfully ironic name in this context);

Apple designer Susan Kare actually testified that when she was playing with the Samsung phone, she swore it was an Apple iPhone! Her testimony was quite convincing. It convinced millions of people that for a lot less money, they can get an iPhone by buying Samsung's phone. Genius!
....This is a disaster for Apple no matter what Samsung does to its interface and its rounded corners. The case and its results, because of Apple testimonies, make it sound as if Apple was suing because a better product evolved.
Will the public stick with the iPhone just to be loyal to the creator of the modern smartphone concepts? In a down economy where every penny counts, it's doubtful. Samsung is not only a cheaper alternative but has many more models. Combine this with the scandals at Foxconn, Apple's manufacturer, and Apple is in trouble.
[Thanks to NC State's Craig Newmark]

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