Monday, December 2, 2013

The best part-time job they ever had

Was being a full time teacher in San Francisco;
More than 600 San Francisco teachers and classroom aides skipped school Tuesday to extend their Thanksgiving holiday, leaving district officials scrambling to find enough qualified adults to watch over students.
....Across the San Francisco Unified School District, 432 teachers were absent - that's about 12 percent of the district's 3,700 teachers....
An additional 179 special-education and preschool aides also took the day off. Almost 10 percent of teachers were also absent Monday.
It seems to have been an only-in-San Francisco problem, with teachers in other Bay Area districts reporting to work as usual.
Which might be because the other Bay Area districts gave up and made the entire week a holiday.
Under their labor contract, they get 10 days of leave per year, seven of which can be used as personal days rather than illness.
That means instead of calling in sick, they can schedule the personal days at will - and they don't have to ask permission, said Dennis Kelly, president of the local teachers union, the United Educators of San Francisco. 
Educators, not teachers. After all, what are schools for, anyway.

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