Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Now here's a real mystery, what were the jury members thinking, not to mention, what were the finance guys thinking when they took on this client;

US crime writer Patricia Cornwell has won a $51m (£33m) lawsuit against her former financial managers, after a jury agreed their negligence cost her millions in losses.
The firm Anchin, Block and Anchin LLP said no funds were missing from the author's account.
It blamed losses on the recent recession and on Cornwell's supposedly extravagant spending habits.
Cornwell is best known for novels about heroine medical examiner Kay Scarpetta.
....Cornwell found out "that Anchin had borrowed on [her] behalf collectively several million dollars, comprised of mortgages for real property and a loan for the purchase of a helicopter," the complaint says.
Cornwell also accused her financial managers of failing to arrange temporary accommodation for her when renovation on her home took longer than expected.
The complaint adds that because Cornwell suffers from bipolar disorder - a condition she says her business managers were aware of - the author's "ability to write is dependent upon the ability to avoid distractions".
"A quiet, uninterrupted environment, free of the distractions of managing her business and her assets, including her investments, is essential to her ability to write and to meet her deadlines," it says.

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