Saturday, February 2, 2013

After all, what could go wrong

Washington state's politicians voted to dig, over not to dig.  That was the answer, and now it's cross your fingers, hope not to die for Seattle drivers;
The Highway 99 tunnel team is deploying a $20 million army of engineers, gauges, wires and gnome-sized computers to serve as the last line of defense against a catastrophic soil collapse.
....Technicians and electricians stopped by over several weeks to install on the roof an automated survey machine, which employees there call R2-D2, after the little droid in “Star Wars.” To check for motion, the machine continually pivots and bounces invisible laser beams off amber prisms that are mounted on the surrounding buildings.
“I don’t think this building’s going anywhere, honestly,” said Runberg office manager Anne O’Rourke.
Well, it's only through downtown Seattle.  But, if this had been known prior to the decision, what are the odds....

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