Saturday, February 16, 2013

Un-American; graffiti

Find a need, and...erase it!
Goodbye Graffiti™ Inc. was started in Vancouver, Canada in 1997. We are a community minded company who’s mission is to "clean the world one wall at a time." Our team includes sales and franchising professionals, marketing professionals, chemists, and Certified Graffiti Technicians. We have enjoyed tremendous success and expanded at a fantastic pace. We are revolutionizing an industry traditionally dominated by unreliable methods, untried products and poor systems.
We are experts in removing graffiti from any surface anywhere. We have developed aproprietary graffiti maintenance program, a full line of graffiti removal products, and are currently expanding franchises across Canada and the United States. We have pioneeredScratchiti™ Stop Security Film and, through extensive research and development, produce War Wagon graffiti removal vehicles.
Goodbye Graffiti ™Inc. is proud to offer the worlds first turnkey graffiti removal franchise opportunity.
As the world leader in this growing niche market we are, in many ways, creating a new industry. The Goodbye Graffiti™ system has proven consistently successful in building a solid monthly cash flow, continual growth, and great profit since it’s inception in 1997. Utilizing our proprietary graffiti removal products, sales structure, and specialized Ever-Clean maintenance system, this virtually untapped market is easily accessible.
Or, non-performance art?

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