Thursday, February 14, 2013

De nada

Steve Landsburg gives credit where it's due;

RF: What have you learned from writing your blog and the comments you receive from readers?
Landsburg: My readers are amazing. I am absolutely blown away by the brilliance of the commenters on my blog. I don’t know where they came from, but they dazzle me every day with their commentary and insights. They pick my arguments apart, they force me to defend myself, and sometimes they force me to retreat, and sometimes they force me to rethink things entirely. I don’t know any other blog wherethe quality of the discussion is as high as it is on mine. 
Even the other blogs that are certainly as smart as mine, other blogs that are as entertaining as mine, don’t get the quality commenters that I do, on average. And I feel extraordinarily blessed by that. These are people who will go deep into the heart of a logical argument and will insist that assumptions be clearly spelled out, insist that every step of logic will be clearly spelled out. We have very lively discussions there. It’s almost a re-creation of what I used to have at lunch [with colleagues at U of Chicago].

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