Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WAPO says, BS

If you can't even fool some of the journalists all of the time of the SOTU;
The president is cherry-picking a number that puts the improvement in the economy in the best possible light. ....This claim lacks context. other words, before Obama took office. ....This is debatable, depending on how you do the numbers. ....This carefully crafted phrase recently earned the president a prized Geppetto Checkmark. ....Obama again is cherry-picking a jobs number. ....The administration’s backup document for this statement asserted that “on average women generally make 23 cents on the dollar less than men.” But the White House is using a figure (annual wages, from the Census Bureau) that makes the disparity appear the greatest. .... one survey, prepared for the Labor Department, which concluded that when such differences are accounted for, much of the hourly wage gap dwindled to about 5 cents on the dollar.
Other than that Mr. Kessler, how did you like the speech?

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