Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Et tu, BMW?

From being the Ultimate Driving Machine to just another green gimmick.  Where else, but San Francisco;

With a large and growing number of people here choosing not to own a car, German manufacturer BMW has decided to branch out into car-sharing services with a fleet of 70 cars spread around the city - initially in 14 locations, with a further 100 being added gradually.Start Quote"This is not an A-to-A service - it is A-to-B," says Richard Steinberg, chief executive of the DriveNow scheme, pointing out that members can pick up a car downtown for the half-hour drive to the airport for a mere $12 (£7.50), compared with about $40-50 in a taxi. Membership costs $39.
The rationale being;
Most of the cars that are stuck in San Francisco's bumper-to-bumper traffic jams are spewing out all sorts of harmful emissions, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide.But not DriveNow's BMW ActiveE plug-in cars.
No, they're electric.  They get their fuel from nuclear reactors!

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