Friday, November 9, 2012

Y'er outta here

Former American League Batting Champion John Olerud still can influence the ump's calls.  This time it's his neighbor's Chinese pine trees getting the heave-ho (some day to be made into pine benches?);

The Clyde Hill Board of Adjustment ruled Wednesday night that Olerud's neighbor to the west must remove two trees because they unreasonably obstruct Olerud's view of Lake Washington and the Seattle skyline.
The board's 3-2 order is the first time the city has told a resident to cut down a tree under a 1991 "view obstruction and tree removal" ordinance.
Even though the trees are 50 years old and long pre-dates Olerud's home, which was constructed in 2009.  Constructed while the Olerud's lived as guests in their 'offending' neighbors' home!

The Olerud's claim their $4 million house would be worth $255,000 more if the tree is removed to expand their view of Lake Washington and the Seattle skyline.  That would suggest that the Oleruds had a more neighborly way of getting what they wanted (above and beyond their offer to pay the approximately $18,000 cost of removing the trees).

We look forward to the theologians dance on the head of the pin that is the exception to the Commandment against coveting that which  belongs to thy neighbor.

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