Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No, no. I'm the other guy.

Now they tell us, they really didn't want Obama to win after all, they supported Romney all along;

Costco Wholesale CEO Craig Jelinek told President Obama over the weekend that he supports efforts to compromise with Congress before the end of the year in a way that avoids tax increases on the middle class.
With more than 115,000 U.S. workers and small-business customers employing thousands of workers who have “borne the brunt of the recession,” Jelinek said in a rare Costco news release that he told the president it would be “a particular burden on those working families to face higher income taxes.”
But what about all the wonderful things Obama has promised to do for the working families?  Why shouldn't they have to pay for it.  They pay for it in France and most European countries, where the share of tax revenues from the highest income earners is lower than in the USA.

Oh...they're Jelinek's customers.  Comprende.

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