Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We'd rather change the subject, if you don't mind

From, 'Are you now, or have you ever been a Communist?' busy inserting propaganda into movie scripts to the advantage of Joseph Stalin (by many counts the world's #1 mass murderer) to something else;

Such as, is the House Committee on Un-American Activities nice?  Because, to answer 'no' to the original question would have been perjury, 65 years ago this week. As they all pretty clearly recognized judging by their evasiveness in the above 1950 propaganda piece.

If you do feel sorry for them, ponder the fate of the man who originally put them up to their nefarious deeds; Otto Katz.  For his faithful service for 25 years, to Stalin, he was put on 'trial' in his native Czechoslovakia in 1952 and hanged.  That was a mere two years after the propaganda piece above was filmed.

One Hollywood Communist, Howard Koch, used Katz as his model for the character Viktor Lazlo (Ilsa's noble husband) in Casablanca.  Unlike Lazlo, the real Katz was murdered by his own side, not Nazis.  Lillian Hellman also modeled a Nazi-fighting hero on Katz in her Watch on the Rhine.

Unfortunately for The Ten (minus one), Edward Dmytryk later admitted to doing just what the House Committee suspected.  He even complained that his Communist friends made his life hell, as he had to re-write the movie scripts he was directing every night to take out the propaganda he thought ruined his work.

Not that anyone would know that by the paeans to the martyrs of Hollywood.

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