Monday, November 19, 2012

No Twinkies, those Swedes

The Hostess(es) will straighten up and fly right thanks to economic reality being accepted by unions;

The troubled Scandinavian airline SAS has said it has reached a deal with trade unions needed to avoid bankruptcy, following all-night talks.
The airline said on Monday afternoon it had reached agreement with the one remaining union that had held out.
SAS wants to cut 6,000 jobs.
Agreement with seven of the unions had been reached by early morning on Monday, with the Danish cabin crew union the only remaining obstacle.
"I am very happy that we managed to get a deal," said Helge Thuesen, the union's chairman. "We have stretched ourselves very, very far to reach out to SAS."
It was either that or SAS would liquidate.  The Swedish unions simply accepted that fact. 

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