Monday, November 5, 2012

'This time is different'

Because the location has changed, but the laws of economics still dictate that the only way supply and demand are brought into balance is when prices are allowed to fluctuate.  When those prices are frozen by law, the inevitable happens;

The panic at the pump — which has already sent two cops to the hospital — is here to stay for at least a few more days.
Gov. Cuomo said Sunday that the region’s gas crisis is “getting better,” but delivery and distribution problems that left some motorists high and dry won’t be over as the workweek begins.
Even 'jawboning' doesn't work; 
He begged New Yorkers not to hoard gasoline — because there’s plenty of it that will be available once power is restored — but the thirst for fuel could not be quenched.
Lines stretched for block after block near gas stations that had some to sell — a scene right out of the 1970s gas shortage — and drivers were willing to wait for hours to fill up.
Imagine that.

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