Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Call him indispensable

But his foolish alibis didn't bore the judge, instead they made him un-institutional too, in New Zealand;

Six years after a $12,000 theft from his then employer, 37-year-old Richard James Crooks has escaped conviction because of the disproportionate consequences for other people working for his present employer.
Counsel Sally McMillan told Judge Stephen Coyle in the Dunedin District Court yesterday a theft conviction would affect the defendant's ability to travel overseas.
If he could not travel, Crooks would automatically lose his job. He would then be unable to support his wife and child in Venezuela and could not go there to be with them.
A conviction would also mean the company for which he now worked would be unable to continue its international sales for which Crooks was responsible. The resulting loss of income would mean several other staff would also lose their jobs, Ms McMillan said.


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