Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Milking it for all it isn't worth

In Europe the dairy farmers are revolting...again.  No one should be surprised that it's because politics is in the way of markets functioning for the benefit of consumers of milk;

Angry farmers protesting at falling dairy prices in the EU have sprayed fresh milk at the European Parliament and riot police in Brussels.
Thousands of dairy farmers, accompanied by hundreds of tractors, descended on the Belgian capital on Monday for two days of demonstrations.
Disruption has continued, with EU officials hindered from reaching their offices by tractors blocking roads.
Farmers want an increase of up to 25% in their prices to cover costs.
Doesn't every businessman want to sell at prices that cover costs?  Those who find they can't, in the normal course of things, go out of business and find something else to do.  Not the noble husbandman, though.  Since his prices are determined by politicians who don't want to ever deliver bad news to someone who has a vote to cast, it makes sense to attempt to intimidate those politicians with whatever political means are at his disposal. 

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