Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where there's smoke

This incident bears more than a little similarity to the Libor scandal;

Armed police, the Army and emergency services launched an enormous response and closed part of the M6 Toll road after a passenger on board raised the alarm after seeing a "vapour" coming from a bag.
A large stretch of the route near Lichfield in Staffordshire was closed for several hours as the police, army bomb squad and fire service swamped the scene.
Sniffer dogs were deployed, tents were erected and the 48 passengers on board the Megabus coach were searched one by one before being made to sit on the carriageway in a cordoned off area.
But some five hours late the police concluded the incident was not a terror attack but a "health improvement aid for smokers" that was emitting a "vapour" from a passenger's bag.

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