Monday, July 23, 2012

Sticky Wicket

This Just In (and we promise never to use our power for evil, only for good):
The Mariners traded 10-time All-Star outfielder Ichiro to the New York Yankees on Monday for two minor-league prospects and cash considerations.
Bentley University macro-economist Scott Sumner has been tireless in documenting the 'sticky wage problem'.  The Seattle Mariners can sympathize;

The solution seems simple: The Mariners honor Ichiro for his tremendous legacy, but make the prudent decision that the time has come to move on without him. They plug Casper Wells into right field, use the $18 million in salary relief to plug several other holes, and live happily ever after.
But since the player in question is Ichiro, the answer, of course, is not so simple. There are increasing rumblings that the Mariners intend to bring back Ichiro in 2013 for his 13th season with the ballclub, perhaps even on a multi-year deal.
That's former AL Batting Champion, former Gold Glover Ichiro Suzuki who is being paid $18 million dollars to produce an on-base percentage of about 29% right now.

The Mariners slogan being; Not one cent for offense; millions for tribute

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