Friday, July 27, 2012

The French have a word for it

And an attitude to match...which is costing them real money;

In France, the world's most visited country, rudeness is also a concern for tourism companies - especially as France feels the bite of the financial crisis.
Atout France, the country's tourism development agency launched a summer campaign in regions where tourism is suffering to promote service quality.
"We're very aware of the problem making tourists feel welcome," says Fanny Moutel, communications director for Atout France, the country's tourism development agency. "We've noticed that there are fewer English visiting places like Brittany and Normandy and the Loire, so the campaign aims to improve the way tourists are treated."
Where English-speaking tourists were once greeted with raised eyebrows and a Gallic shrug, more and more French in the service industry speak English.

L'anglais est un plus doux langage.  English is a softer language, thanks to Shakespeare.  Who knew a few things about economics and languages himself.

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