Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What a tangled web...

When the high cost of free parking comes atop already taxpayer subsidized rail transit in the Seattle area;
As the cars overflow from Sound Transit park-and-ride lots, the agency's leaders are considering whether to charge users a daily fee.
Call it Sound Economics?   That surplus and shortage are resolved through the pricing mechanism.  Too bad no one thought this through when the decision was made to build a rail transit system that had no hope of ever recovering its costs in the first place.
Filling trains is arguably the most critical job for Sound Transit, given that taxpayers spent $2.6 billion to build the first 16 miles of light rail, and $1.3 billion so far to establish Sounder commuter trains from Everett and the Tacoma areas into Seattle.
The trains are (nearly) empty, but the parking lots at the stations are full!  Genius at work.

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