Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Louse That Roared

Even the Castros can read a newspaper, and wonder if they're next;

Days after prominent dissident Oswalo Paya died in a car crash, [Cuba's dictator Raul] Castro had harsh words for the island's opposition, accusing them of plotting to topple the government.
"Some small factions are doing nothing less than trying to lay the groundwork and hoping that one day what happened in Libya will happen here, what they're trying to make happen in Syria," Castro said.
Castro also reminisced about the 1959 Revolution, promised that Cuba will complete a trans-island expressway halted years ago for lack of funds, empathized with islanders' complaints about meager salaries and said once again that his five-year plan to overhaul Cuba's socialist economy will not be done hastily.
What's the hurry, after all, it's only been since 1959. 

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