Saturday, July 14, 2012

All the News That Fits...

We print (at the Seattle Times).  But, just to make sure the readers get our point, we need a headline;

Wealthy throwing money at charter-schools initiative
The 'wealthy', in this case, being the notoriously uncharitable Bill and Melinda Gates and Paul Allen.  So, this is just another of their attempts to spread their wealth toward what they see as the less fortunate.  That's not mentioned in the piece.

Though, wealthy business executives may better serve by doing what they do best, reinvesting their profits in new business ventures that could benefit the consuming public (including pupils attending public schools) by increasing their choices.  After all, that is how we went from Pony Express, Western Union, AT&T, Post Office to modern means of communication like e-mail, twitter and Facebook.

Not that that would garner any more favorable headlines.  It would still be about 'income inequality' and Joe Stiglitz's worries about it.

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