Wednesday, December 4, 2013

When life gives you lemons

Re-organize yourself in bankruptcy, even if you were once proud and the Arsenal of Democracy, says a federal judge;
In a ruling that could reverberate far beyond Detroit, a federal judge held on Tuesday that this battered city could formally enter bankruptcy and asserted that Detroit’s obligation to pay pensions in full was not untouchable.
....The judge made it clear that public employee pensions were not protected in a federal Chapter 9 bankruptcy, even though the Michigan Constitution expressly protects them. “Pension benefits are a contractual right and are not entitled to any heightened protection in a municipal bankruptcy,” he said.
James E. Spiotto, a lawyer with the firm Chapman & Cutler in Chicago who specializes in municipal bankruptcy and was not involved in the case, said: “No bankruptcy court had ruled that before. It will be instructive.”
Something tells us the lesson will be hard learned.


  1. If you can't depend on a state constitution, then what was all of that lobbying for?

  2. When lobbying gives you turnips...squeeeeze 'em.