Saturday, October 27, 2012

We should have lots of experts hanging around

What with all the collapsed bridges over the years in the state of Washington (Galloping Gertie over the Tacoma Narrows in 1940, the floating bridges at Hood Canal and Lake Washington, 1979 and 1990 respectively), one would think it a little late in the day to be thinking about their safety only now;

Gov. Chris Gregoire says she wants an independent expert panel to review the safety of pontoons being built for the new floating bridge across Lake Washington.
The governor’s statement came after news reports on construction flaws found in the first pontoons built for the new Highway 520 bridge.
Gregoire told KOMO-TV on Friday that “based on what I saw in your report I want another independent expert panel to review” the pontoons. The governor promised that Washington citizens would be protected.
Gregoire will be leaving the governorship to someone else after November's election, so it will be up to whomever to keep her promise. 

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