Thursday, October 11, 2012

Methinks, the lady, doeth protest very cleverly

In the comments section at Econlog, from a refugee who describes herself as,
My husband and I immigrated here only for the freedom and economic opportunity. If America turns into a more despotic version of Europe (the direction it seems to be headed in), we'd rather live somewhere with better food. We can run our business from anywhere in the world. 
a quick lesson in Public Choice Economics;
Anyway, for anyone who nurtures the dream of sticking it to these Wall Street guys, dream on. The ones I know have already figured out how to get around a tax treatment change, but the entrepreneurs are not going to be able to pull off the same structures. In a world where a handful of monkeys in congress, spurred on by people with nothing better to do than camp out in NYC drum circles for weeks on end, dream up a way to stick it to thousands of people who are much smarter and excel at solving thorny problems, the losers will not be the intended group.

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