Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Smart Set

All work, even when at play, makes John Bullish (almost American);

An extra 460 hours are worked by people who use mobile devices, according to a new study.
The researchers claim that users with email on their phones check for new messages 20 times a day, adding as much as two hours to each individual day.
In a separate study for TripAdvisor, researchers also found that the majority of people check their emails while on holiday, and roughly the same numbers make calls to their workplace.
Pixmania’s study found that the average working day is now up to 12 hours long as users spend nine or 10 hours at work and another two making work phone calls or sending work emails. One in ten admitted to spending up to three hours checking work emails, either on a phone or a computer.
Recessions must concentrate the mind, as the OECD puts most of Europe near the bottom of hours worked annually, and has for some time.

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