Wednesday, October 31, 2012

They Won't Dance, just ask them...

To politely hand the ball to the referee after they pass the goal line...and collect $250 for their favorite charity;
...the [Jacksonville] Jaguars are doing something dramatic: They're systematically killing off the NFL dance party.
This task—the football version of the town that outlawed dancing in "Footloose"—is the brainchild of first-year head coach Mike Mularkey. He got players to buy into a reduced-celebration policy by introducing a wrinkle into the scheme. Mularkey decided he'd donate to charity every time they handed the ball over to the referees—from there, they were free to celebrate with teammates.
....Mularkey's $250 donation is matched by the Jaguars' foundation and, as the status of the program has grown, seven local companies have pitched in to raise $28,000 this season for the Ronald McDonald House, according to the team.
Where have you gone Steve Largent.

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