Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Have a cold?

We'll tax your sneeze, cause we're the Spanish taxman;

Madrid on Wednesday took a leaf out of Catalonia’s book by imposing a surcharge of one euro on prescriptions for medicines issued by the regional health system as part of an austerity budget for next year in which spending on healthcare has been reduced by seven percent as part of savings totaling 2.7 billion euros.
“We will apply a charge of one euro for issuing prescriptions,” regional premier Ignacio Gonz├ílez said at a presentation of the budget in which spending at been capped at 17.048 billion euros. “This is a measure of a dissuasive nature to encourage the efficient use of medicines.”
Gonz├ílez said households had some 200 million euros’ worth of drugs in their medicine cabinets at home.
Could give new meaning to dead-weight loss.

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