Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seattle Times columnist goes into a bar

Sits down on a bar stool, and the bartender says, 'That'll be $20.'

'What?  I haven't order anything yet.'

'Don't matter.  You sat down, that's $20.'

'I'm going to the bar across the street.'

'Not before you pay the $20 you owe, you ain't.  Anyways, it's the same over there.  We got a law passed; you wanna go into a bar, it costs $20 before you're allowed to order anything.'

'That's ridiculous.'

'Doncha read your own newspaper?  This is the only way we can earn a living wage and fight economic inequality.

'Well, I'm not paying.'

'Hey Max, this guy is trying to take food out of your kids' mouths.  Show him the back room.  Explain it to him, nice and slow.'

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