Saturday, December 29, 2012

Better than a pretend logician

David Zurawik's hissy fit over Chelsea Clinton's broadcasting career shows he isn't ready for prime time either;

In the Warren piece, for example, the pastor said he had a goal of losing 90 pounds and had already dropped 50.
“So, you’re over the 50 yard line,” she said.
No, that would only be like crossing the 50 yard line if a football field was 90 yards instead of 100 yards long. The fact that NBC left her response in suggests how bad the rest of her on-camera verbal interaction with Warren must have been. Or, maybe the producers have simply given up on making her look like she is in any way worthy of a network correspondent’s job.
We-thinks Zurawik's editors aren't exactly doing him any favors by leaving that silly criticism in.  As, 'over the 50 yard line,' is colloquially acceptable as, 'more than halfway there'.  Which 50 certainly is to a goal of 90.

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