Sunday, December 23, 2012

Red Roses for the Red

Blood red would be most appropriate, as some long for the good old days of purges, show trials, famine, terror (the Hollywood Ten's favorite national leader too);

Several hundred communists gathered on Moscow’s central Red Square to honor the memory of Stalin and lay flowers at his grave by the Kremlin wall. Tributes were led by the leader of the Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov with people carrying portraits of their idol along with red roses.
Various events to commemorate Stalin’s birthday have also been held on Friday in other Russian cities.
“The life of Joseph Stalin is an example of unselfish service to the people, the country and the party,” proclaimed senior KPRF member Andrey Zhidkov, addressing the crowd who gathered at Stalin’s bust in the city of Tambov. “[Stalin] left us a great state – the Soviet Union. Our task is to revive our socialist fatherland,” the party’s website cites him as saying. 
Stalin came to power in a “semiliterate country with a wooden plow” and turned it into a “united and powerful state possessing nuclear weapon,” stated communist Yelena Razumkina. According to the North Ossetian lawmaker, “the epoch of Lenin and Stalin will remain the unsurpassed peak of state and political development in the world.”

When there were fewer, but better Russians, as Ninotchka put it.  Though some of his victims thought otherwise, say Margarete Buber Neumann (who managed the feat of being imprisoned by both Stalin and Hitler, and lived to tell about it).

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