Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where are the customers' eats?

When you've got power, and no're probably some kind of government agency and don't have to concern yourself with what consumers want;
A McDonald's is coming to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport early next year after a reluctant Port of Seattle Commission voted 4-1 Tuesday to approve it.
.... McDonald's will make $2 million in improvements to a long-vacant space, plus pay $323,000 a year in rent.
But the commissioners had misgivings about McDonald's for all kinds of reasons — they were concerned about the timing of the proposal, the restaurant's wages and the effect on surrounding merchants. They even talked about one commissioner's own secret love of McNuggets.
Port staff spent the past two months trying to address their concerns. To make the process more competitive, Port staff asked similar restaurants if they wanted a shot at the location. They didn't.
Commissioner Rob Holland agreed to vote for the proposal when the Port agreed to address his biggest concern: making a minority- and women-owned business-recruitment program more robust.
Commission President Gael Tarleton voted "no." She said she thought the Port should have sought a more competitive process "so that everyone would have a shot at those jobs."

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