Friday, June 1, 2012

He's a Tramp, but they love him

What a dog...that Peggy Lee and Sonny Burke could appreciate...and did back in 1955.  Wish that he were double?  Well, the story is being repeated in New Mexico today;

Blue the dog doesn't have a home. And he apparently doesn't want one. But the blue-eyed Australian cattle dog has $1,800 in savings, a Facebook page and an air-conditioned doghouse.
He also has a lawyer, who is working to get him an exemption from local leash laws so he can continue his freewheeling lifestyle in southern New Mexico's lakeside community of Elephant Butte, where he was abandoned as a puppy a decade ago.
Tramp was actually Happy Dan, the Whistling Dog in a short story by Ward Greene that Walt Disney purchased and eventually made into the movie millions of children delighted in.
Even we have got it pretty bad.

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