Thursday, June 7, 2012

stop drivin' that Hot Rod Lincoln

Some know all the lyrics, but can't carry the tune;

Linda Pence, 50, in Spring Valley, Calif., buys everything organic, recycles, grows her own vegetables and doesn't turn her air conditioner on unless the oldest of her five cats starts to pant in the Southern California heat. Her highest priorities are buying environmentally friendly products, reducing the electricity she uses, saving money on energy and making her home more efficient. She wishes she could afford the up-front cost of solar panels.
Without serious conservation, she says, "the kids coming up are not going to have the resources they need. They are not going to have a planet to live on."
But in the driveway, she's got a Dodge Durango and a Lincoln Continental, neither squeezing out 20 miles to a gallon in combined city-highway driving, as well as a more economical Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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