Thursday, June 21, 2012

As in, Part-Time Actress

Necessity is the mother of invention, it is said.  Even in heavily unionized industries in NYC;

At a time when the earnings of some of the city’s top-netting public school PTAs is gaining notice, Ms. [Kelli] Holsopple, 35, represents a growing faction of New Yorkers who do not view ballooning school coffers through the prism of educational equality or public school politics. Rather, they see it as rent money.
That’s because Ms. Holsopple, 35, receives about $13,000 a year from the parents at the progressive school, which serves children in prekindergarten through grade five, to provide students a historical drama program in which they pretend to be wan-faced immigrants detained on Ellis Island, spindly Irish laborers laying track for the Transcontinental Railroad, and ecosensitive farmers on a make-believe “Peace Farm.”
Which is surely of more value to the PTA than what this guy does;
Ask Luiz Louie, a 38-year-old skateboarder from Chinatown, about the parents who run New York City’s PTAs and Mr. Louie, who in 1999 opened Louie’s Skateboarding School, is effusive. “I love New York City PTAs,” said Mr. Louie, who also goes by the name “Louie Louie.”
Mr. Louie teaches nearly 50 aspiring elementary school skateboarders how to ride quarter pipes and perform tic-tacs and ollies during popular after-school classes at schools like P.S. 11, the William T. Harris School in Chelsea, where he is paid close to $10,000 a semester by the school’s PTA.
“If the school stopped these classes, I would be home crying,” he said. 
While some might be rejoicing, we presume.

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