Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Save the Planet

Plant bamboo...then call a financier;
Kimberly-Clark recently announced an agreement to work with Mount Vernon [WA]-based Booshoot to develop a mass-market toilet paper using 20 percent bamboo fiber.
....After more than a decade of research, [CEO Jackie] Heinricher and her team of scientists have created an advanced tissue culture system to produce genetically identical bamboo plants at a commercial scale. This new technology has positioned them to infiltrate the forestry market.
"Even if bamboo penetrates just a small fraction of that, it is a multibillion-dollar opportunity," said Pettus Randall, chief operating officer of Booshoot.
The bamboo eats more carbon dioxide and produces more oxygen than the southern pine trees being used now, says the article, which is good for the planet.  But, now the company is adding venture capital specialists to its management team, presumably because the world doesn't beat a path to the door of lonely inventors.

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