Monday, September 9, 2013

Yes, Ministers

Maybe there's a telly programme in this explanation of how the BBC paid some of its executives to go away;
Ex-BBC director general Mark Thompson has told MPs the corporation had not "lost the plot" when it agreed a pay-off of almost £1m to his former deputy.
He also accused Lord Patten, chairman of the trust which oversees the BBC, of "unfair and untrue" claims not to have known about Mark Byford's payment.
Lord Patten said he "couldn't have been expected to know" about the sum.Mr Thompson told MPs the trust put him under "ferocious pressure" to make senior redundancies like Mr Byford's.
The BBC has been criticised for paying £25m ($39m) to 150 outgoing executives - £2m ($3.1m) more than their contracts stipulated.
Sir Humphrey's explanation hasn't been plotted for him yet.

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