Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This will just fries you

The way to a fast food man's heart, is a healthier french fry. At least that's what Burger King hopes;
Burger King gave the new fries a crinkle cut to "mitigate confusion" with its classic fries, which have a straight cut, Mr. Hirschhorn said. They will sell for about 25 cents more than Burger King's classic fries except in kids' meals.
The move is the latest in the high-margin, fast-food fries war, where tinkering with a beloved food can be risky. In the late '90s, Burger King reworked its french fry recipe, hoping to grab customers from McDonald's, only to see that version flop. It tinkered with the formula again in 2001. In 2011, Burger King changed its classic fries recipe yet again, making them slightly thicker and less salty. The year before, Wendy's replaced its fries with "Natural-Cut" fries with sea salt and potato skin left on.
Which is why capitalist nations don't have famines. That only happens where governments take control of feeding the people. In the Nation of Fast Food the customer is treated as a king. His every wish treated as a command.

Because, contrary to Willie Sutton, that's where the money is. Unless you're the Millenium Village idiot with a pipeline to George Soros. Watch Nina Munk and ask, Who has the better idea for helping the poor, Jeffrey and George or the greedy capitalists at Burger King?

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