Sunday, September 15, 2013

Services you right

If you export them, say Leonardo Iacovone, Aaditya Mattoo, and Andrés Zahler. And one of the leaders in exporting services is Latin America's Wunderkind, Chile
In recent years, commercial-services exports accounted for as much as one-third of Chile’s non-copper exports. Within commercial services, transport and logistics services made up more than half of the total – thanks to the strength of Chile’s airline and maritime services. .... Chile is also beginning to export services related to mining – drawing upon its rich experience in extracting copper.
And they're having a blast;
Enaex, a firm that provides rock blasting services to mining companies, has become a global pioneer in optimising choices of location, explosive mixing and dosage, while maintaining high safety standards.
It created Milodon, the world's largest truck for mixing and loading of explosives, which reduces the number of people, trucks and equipment moving through the mine in each loading cycle and minimises risks for operators. In parallel, it developed Inteliblast software that processes input data, such as compression and fracture frequency, and determines the type of rock fragmentation strategy. This information is transmitted to the Milodon, which has a GPS device mounted on the arm allowing detection of the location of the perforation, the type and volume of explosives to charge, and thus develop customised designs of the blasting processes based on field data.having a blast, doing so;

The post-Allende Chile continues to prosper.

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