Monday, September 16, 2013

Breaking up that old gang

Another communist insurgent has died without his boots on. This one from the Malaysian insurgency that began when Joe Stalin was still alive; 
Chin Peng, a Malaysian guerrilla who led a fierce Communist insurgency against British forces after World War Two, has died, Thai officials say.
....For 12 years he and his band of predominantly ethnic Chinese fighters tied down a force of more than 100,000 Commonwealth troops despite being outnumbered nearly 20 to one.
After Malaya became independent in 1957 he continued to fight the government there, but communism failed to take root and he went to live in exile, eventually settling in Thailand. 
The BBC neglects to mention that he was given sanctuary in Mao's China after being defeated by the British. Nor that Chin was a contemporary of Singapore's Lee Kwan Yew who fought and defeated allies of Chin Peng in his city state. A happier ending for the people.

Something like what happened in Chile under Pinochet. Power to the people!

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