Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Veni, Vidi, Dixi

Latin Lover?  Some Finns and Germans are, and the broadcast news in the dead language;
Since 1989 the Finnish broadcaster YLE has been producing the world's first news show [Nuntii Latiniin Latin. Breathing new life into dead words is a challenge for the show's presenters - particularly with digital neologisms.
....Over the years, the program has covered everything from "investigatio genorum" - gene research - to "arma perniciosa," or weapons of mass destruction. Some terms, translated into Latin, are lengthy and unwieldy. But some have a beautiful concision, like the word for an animal rights activist - "zoophilus" - or for a space station, "astropolis." While word "Internet" presents no problem, other technology does.
"Obviously, 'Inter' is Latin, and 'net' is 'rete,'" [broadcaster Laura] Nissinen says. "So we already have a perfectly good Latin translation for the word. I don't think we would translate 'iPod' into 'ee-poose' or something like that. That would be just silly. A Latinist might actually find that funny."
Ridiculus, even.  But, the Finns aren't alone; Nuntii Latini now has an international rival. Since 2001, German radio station Radio Bremen has been producing its own Latin news show. Quid vetera novis iterum.

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