Friday, May 24, 2013

Don't Mention It

The BBC's Digital Media Initiative, because it was a complete waste of nearly  one hundred million Pounds;
The DMI, which was dubbed Don’t Mention It by BBC staff because of repeated delays and failed attempts to rescue the scheme, was designed to do away with videotapes and record all footage on digital media to allow staff to access and edit it from their computers.
The BBC said that the total amount wasted on the project would be £98.4m.
....The project was approved by the BBC Trust in 2008 but proved so unreliable that old-fashioned tape editing machines had to be installed recently at the corporation’s Broadcasting House headquarters.
And now a Beeb spokesman admits it can simply buy the needed digital technology on the open market;
.... creating the system had proved “far more challenging than expected” and there were now alternatives available on the market.
 He added: “The pace of technological and digital change has been rapid; business and production requirements changed within the BBC; and the industry has developed standardised off-the-shelf digital production tools that did not exist five years ago.”
Keep a stiff upper lip.

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