Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Localité, égalité, fraternité

La théorie monétaire in France, for the hard times;

In recession people are turning against the euro, globalisation and the import of cheap foreign products.
In Villeneuve they have created their own currency. It is called the Abeille. One Abeille equals one euro. But it can only be spent on local produce and services.
It is 20 euros to be a member, but it is a non-profit initiative and any money raised is ploughed back into helping local businesses.
"We have 150 families who are using it," said Nicolas Queyreau, vice president of the Abeille group.
"And an increasing number of traders. You can pay for your haircut, you can eat in restaurants, and of course you can do your weekly shop. It creates a connection, a relationship between the consumer and their local producers."

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